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Running Down Our Detroit Dreams

18 Oct

Most of my time lately has been dedicated to training for the Detroit Free Press Half Marathon. This was my first time running a half in Detroit (I did Chicago last year) and I was so excited to finally get on the course. I talked to quite a few marathon runners and most agreed that this was one of their favorite courses. It’s one of only a few races that cross international boarders. You go over the Ambassador Bridge as the sun rises over the river, hang out in Canada for a few miles, take on the “Underwater Mile” (aka The Tunnel) coming back into the US, through Indian Village, around Belle Isle, and along the River Walk. The race was authentically Detroit. They played Eminen “Lose Yourself” at the start, had a mariachi band playing in Mexicantown, the Hashers were handing out beer at the 24 mile mark, and the winner was a local boy! Jordan Desilets beat out the elusive Kenyan runners to win with a 2h28m marathon.

It was an amazing event that would not have been so without the hundreds of volunteers and thousands of spectators along the route. Can’t wait to do it again next year, hopefully for the full 26.2!