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One Loveland

18 Aug

To rent or buy? The eternal question. Micro real estate project LOVELAND makes that decision easy. For $1 we can all invest in Detroit.

Although it’s taken me a little while to decipher the quirky goals and cartoonish enthusiasm of the project, I believe the goal is for a group of “inchvestors” to buy up a small piece of property in Detroit which is then developed into a art space for people to enjoy. The first plot of land has already been completely bought up (Congrats!) and is “in development” as they construct the Monumental Kittie structure to be seen from the Corktown pedestrian overpass.

They are now taking donations for their second plot of land, which is still looking for a home. I believe this plot is going to be turned into a park space. A portion of their donations also go towards other local organizations that are working to transform Detroit’s drooping corners into livable, sustainable places for people to enjoy.

I’m so intrigued by their project and the way its portrayed yet still shaky on the details of the products. It seems that the logical way to understand it is to get involved myself. So as Detroit Happens finds it’s place in the cyberworld, it will also be finding a place in Detroit as well as I donate my $1 to LOVELAND and see where my inch takes me.