From Day to Night: Cafe Muse

18 Oct

Last week I had the pleasure of going to my first wine tasting at Cafe Muse in Royal Oak. The restaurant is known across the city for their brunch menu, but now they are hoping to bring the same fame to their new dinner menu as well. Christian, their wine specialist, talked with me about their vision for expanding their menu. He hopes to attract an evening crowd with an impressive wine selection and dinner events. The wine tasting was a chance not only for wine education and sampling, but also for Cafe Muse to mingle with clientele. They want to listen to what the people at the event liked and didn’t like about the wines presented as well as the hor d’ourves making the rounds. Christian is highly respected by local wine aficionados for his taste and knowledge. He said he is hoping to work closely with Chef Greg Reyner to develop a dinner and wine pairing event soon. So, even if you have already enjoyed Cafe Muse’s pumpkin french toast, stop in after dark for some wine and goat cheese ravioli.


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