Detroit, The Fabric of our Lives

26 Sep

Remember how excited you would get when Tim Allen would wear a Detroit Lions crew neck sweatshirt on Home Improvement or Uncle Joey would wear a Wing’s jersey on Full House? Representin!

You don’t have to be on a primetime Disney hit to show your hometome pride anymore. And thanks to a host of new “made in Detroit” tee-shirt companies, you can retire that Tigers shirt you got for free at a game in 1992 and try on something a little more unique. Detroit Manufacturing and Down with Detroit are just such companies that are constantly producing new Detroit tee-shirt designs.

Down with Detroit reminds me of Threadless, with their ever-expanding design library. Almost daily I see a new design posted on their Facebook page. As soon as that crap call at the end of the Lions/Bears game was announced, this shirt came up on their site. I will admit that with all the new designs, it’s tough to sift through pages upon pages of shirts to decide. It’s overwhelming. Plus, they have kid and dog shirts too!

Detroit Manufacturing has a great selection of authentic-looking vintage tees and updated designs to bring some color to your wardrobe. They have psychedelic 60’s inspired designs, I-wish-it-was-real Detroit beer label design, and a play on Little Miss Sunshine that I have in the mail to me!

Detroit Manufacturing apparel is sold at Funky 7 in Royal Oak, among other local shops. Funky 7 is a Royal Oak staple with walls lined with thousands of vintage rock ‘n roll and sports apparel. They also have a huge selection of Detroit shirts. Dan, the longtime owner, has said that they could survive off sales of Detroit apparel alone. The selection has expanded beyond faded UofM shirts and the signature “D”. Plus, it’s becoming trendy to represent the D. Anyone catch the shirt Mac was wearing in last week’s episode of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia? You can buy it at Funky 7. (Yes, I took a picture of the TV. How lo-fi am I?)

When I lived in Chicago, I loved nothing more than to wear my Moosejaw Detroit shirt. I have a friend that lives in Las Vegas and wears his Ford tee-shirt everyday. It’s all about spreading the Detroit pride. There are thousands of Detroiters displaced across the country. Give them something to talk about, give them a reason to say “I’m from Detroit”. Start the conversation across the country.


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    Great article

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