Lafayette vs. American; The Epic Battle Continues

24 Aug

For millions of years a battle has raged on in Detroit that makes the Battle of Troy look like playground teasing. Every Detroiter has their allegiance and there never has been a clear winner or loser. The object of our affection? Coney Dogs. Grilled hot dogs wrapped in a warm flaky bun, topped with meaty chili, spicy mustard, and sweet onions. And now, the professionals are stepping in to weigh in on the war. Travel Channel’s “Food Wars” will be crowning a champion Coney Island tomorrow night (Wednesday at 10pm). Featuring the original neighboring contenders, American and Lafayette Coney Islands. Who will win? (Detroit Moxie knows but she’s not telling) tune in! Will this put an end to the suffering and battling that divides this city? Doubtful.


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