A Quick Introduction

17 Aug

A little background to this blog. I’m Jen and I just moved back to my hometown of Detroit after living in Chicago for 4 years. Living away from Detroit meant the turmulus state of the city and dramatic news reports were just out of my sight. It wasn’t until I decided to move back that I started to see how desperate Detroiters were to show the country that we are more than unemployment rates and closed factories. And I want to help, I want to be a part of the great movement that is taking shape in Detroit and all across Michigan. People are standing up and speaking out for Detroit, for Michigan, for all the people that still see the great place that this is.

I want to write about all the things that I grew up loving about Detroit and the things that I am just now discovering as I am reintroduced to the city. I also want to highlight the incredible number of organizations that work hard to bring positive change and advancement to the city.

Most importantly, I don’t want this to be one opinion in a sea of hundreds. I want to know where you think Detroit Happens.


One Response to “A Quick Introduction”

  1. Nick S. September 22, 2010 at 12:09 pm #

    As you know, I’m a huge fan of anything you write, so I’m glad I’ve now found your new project, Jen. Keep up the great work. I’ll definitely be reading. 🙂

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